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HobbyLink.TV Competition

Gonna be doing some HobbyLink.TV competition, which is to traditionally colour in a car, the Lambo Aventador.

Here’s what the lineart from a plastic kit Syd and Ryan want coloured in. Oh, its not just any colour, it has to be Gundam related. It must resemble a Gundam, favourite Gundam or such.

I modded the scan so that the junk bits are not there, leaving in the important bits. :)

Aventador-lineart-cut PDF

For me, it may just be a red Gundam… Justice? Aegis? Zaku II? who knows!


MG Strike Gundam

I’ve finally finished the quick job of painting and decalling the Strike Gundam that I owned for years.

I did’nt do much on the nibs that was cut out poorly some years ago. I sanded some of them but it did’nt change much.

No action poses because I did’nt have the equipment for a good photo shoot. Maybe next time.

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MG Strike Gundam W.I.P

W.I.P Strike Gundam MG

It has been a while since I worked on a Gundam kit. Instead of buying a new kit, I went to revamp a old kit I built poorly, Strike Gundam.

The nobs, were cut poorly leaving a bad after taste, tried to sand it away but its still visible. The white was going off and bits were like… plain. So I went to paint it (or rather spray paint). sad thing is, the nibs are still visible. Some actaully has a hole… Paint built up due to excessive amount of paint build up. I sanded and tried again… lol.

So, all the white parts are done, decaled and stickered, just need to give all the parts a Matt finish to protect the paint and decals. Done a few parts.

W.I.P 1 Strike Gundam MG

One advice, Do not use CHEAP masking tape. They soak up paint. >_>;
Glad I got some good Tamiya modelling masking tape. :3

Revoltech Eva Mass Production Type

I got my hands on a Kaiyodo Revoltech. One of which is out of print and it can be found via Ebay.

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Kaiyodo Revoltech Rebuild Eva 02 Spotted


During my surf on Ngee Khiong’s blogspot, I see this image.
I was concentrating on Eva unit 01 and scanned to the left and see Eva Unit 02 which I then smacked myself in.

Its the rebuild version.

There is a illustration about on the web, use google to find her. More colourful, and awesome looking.

Now, I wonder what is Kaiyodo Revoltech Neo Project is…

Papercraft VF-1S

Before I do the TR-1 Hazel, I did a Macross Valkyrie VF-1.
Made from 80gsm paper and it was quite hard at some points due to poor tools in my possession.
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