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Piyomon by Savvi

New piece :3

Biyomon/Piyomon girl. A Digimon related art :3


Taokaka Fanart CG

Taokaka Fan art CG1

A CG of Taokaka, lineart by a DannyChoo member named Kinzokusama.

Awesome sketch, I had to CG it and to test out my rusty skills ^^;

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Danny Choo Window sitter sprites

Having just Mirai sitting on the Members News alone was not enough.

She’s too alone, and we all know it. Danny came, and asked for a companion for Mirai.
Who would fit the role? In none other than:-
haruka-sitter-newOh~ yes, Suenaga Haruka! Shes small, but packs a punch in being cute.

They’re both on Danny Choo sitting on Headers with a speech bubble ready to call out on the Members.
They’ll probable call Danny Daddy, some Master and Onee-san or Onii-san. hhmm~

Mirai Suenaga Desktop Buddy teaser


Do you like what you see?
Well, its coming on fine~
I need to check it over for graphic mistakes and that the animation runs smoothly. Sound, none at the moment, I hope I can add some sort of voice sound. At the moment, a prototype is available on

Mirai is: copyright DannyChoo.
Mirai is: available for DC friends :D (soon)

Hatsuka CG Done

Took me a while to finish it, I’ve suffered from some flu so I took a 3-4 day worth of break.

Ok, so, before the show, lets review what I have done! Boring, yes I know. I have not included the mistake changes though lol.

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Another Hatsuka CG

Haven’t posted any drawings, sketches as of late so here’s a update of what’s happening.

For the past week, I have been thinking about illustrating something with Hatsuka (my O.C) and it hit me when I looked out the window with the sun ray shining through the blinds… Shielding my eyes while looking up of course. At least I’m doing some drawing right?

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Reading Books

As I’m moving around in two places, I’ve went to visit Waterstone’s with my bro in search of his text books.

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