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Wow, the last of the triple digits we see until the next cycle of triple numbers accur again.


And here’s another WIP I did for LN. In the Eureka Seven Universe.


Danny Choo Window sitter sprites

Having just Mirai sitting on the Members News alone was not enough.

She’s too alone, and we all know it. Danny came, and asked for a companion for Mirai.
Who would fit the role? In none other than:-
haruka-sitter-newOh~ yes, Suenaga Haruka! Shes small, but packs a punch in being cute.

They’re both on Danny Choo sitting on Headers with a speech bubble ready to call out on the Members.
They’ll probable call Danny Daddy, some Master and Onee-san or Onii-san. hhmm~

Hatsuka CG Done

Took me a while to finish it, I’ve suffered from some flu so I took a 3-4 day worth of break.

Ok, so, before the show, lets review what I have done! Boring, yes I know. I have not included the mistake changes though lol.

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Another Hatsuka CG

Haven’t posted any drawings, sketches as of late so here’s a update of what’s happening.

For the past week, I have been thinking about illustrating something with Hatsuka (my O.C) and it hit me when I looked out the window with the sun ray shining through the blinds… Shielding my eyes while looking up of course. At least I’m doing some drawing right?

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Capcom & Deviant Art 2nd

Its the 2nd competition on Deviant art and its not partnered with Square-Enix, but with Capcom.
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Nedroid Mirai Suenaga – Shocking

The line art by Azami has been posted a while ago on Danny Choo and it looks great. I looks more detailed than the first sketch of Mirai when it was first created.

Anyways, as Danny wanted, her Pantsu is indeed showing and there is indeed a naked one. Not for our eyes though.
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A Body for two

Another time to take a break and test things out with skill, knowledge and Photoshop CS.

This is a body frame work that still looks none dynamic. I got interested in drawing my character and then theres Danny Choo’s post in choosing a good pose for Mirai Suenaga that also shows her パンツ [Pantsu], for a product. So here I am thinking of something for my character too (Hatsuka) and WHAM, why not “kill two birds with one stone”? So, ones gonna be a fanart of Suenaga-san and also my character!
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