First movie was released on September 1st 2007

Neon Genesis Evangelion 0.1: You are not alone
Directed by: Hideaki Anno, Kazuya Tsurumaki, & Masayuki.
Produced by: Toshimichi Otsuki
Written by: Hideaki Anno
Music by: Shiro Sagisu
Design: Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (character) & Ikuto Yamashita (mech)

This is the fist of the four movies for Evangelion. The first movie has minor changes to the story, essentially, Rebuild is a remake of the TV series with new logo designs and new Eva colour designs.

From the first movie onwards, it’ll deviate from the TV plot and the final movie will be different from the TV ending or the movie endings. New characters are told to be introduced, the ending trailer from the film shows that there will be a new character, a girl in glasses or so they say. It seems like the story may be different from the TV starting from the second film onwards.

I personally haven’t seen the movie yet and I hope that the DVD release will come soon. There is no solid information on when the DVD will be released, it will be released this year (hopefully).

~The Songs~
The song is by 歌田ヒカリ [Utada]. ‘Fly me to the Moon (In other Words)’ and “Beautiful World”. You may be able to download it if you search about on I do recommend buying the CD instead, to support the Artist.

Beautiful World  – Not bad, its resembles her type of songs etc. Its used on the credits for the first movie.

Kiss & Cry – Not bad, does have the resemblence of Hotel Lobby (from Exodus 04). The PV is very odd, Anime lip sych (you can find it on Youtube).

Fly me to the Moon (In other words) – Some say its a downfall and some love it. I think its okay, short on lyrics though. Unlike the TV Series ending, this version has more of a modern (or 2007’s) style (including her own style of course). Its a shame that its short on singing. Just for the Trailer, I was said that it was not in the film.

You can buy the CD Beautiful World/Kiss & Cry on or at
I got the CD and its ok! It does’nt cost too much but I think its good to get, Not to mention, her new album should have Beautiful World, (the album is called Heart Station).

::Update Nov 2008::

– Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0 is announced some time ago. The sub title for it is “You Can (Not) Advance”.
Check it out at Gainax, if its there…

– Word has spread that the second movie is postponed to summer 2009.

– Eva Uni 02 (Nigouki) image has surfaced on the net. Search on Google or something to find it! It was from a magazine if I remember correctly. The Eva has now got more colours besides the full orange and reds. The colour is a mixture of orange, reds, blacks and white. The head of 02 is somewhat different and a new head crown is modeled to give Asuka’s Eva a Oni look.


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