What can I say? Its picking up speed around the world in cyberspace!

Livemocha, which most would probably know is a language learning site, not just a website but a community full of eager learners!

Sometime ago, they won a award for English Speaking Union (ESU) as posted by Julia (Bonnheim?) from Livemocha and word spreaded at Pearson Education. Hip Hip HaraaaH! (Party at the pub in two weeks time).

As said, the award would be bestowed upon them at “Buckingham Palace by HRH Duke of Edinburgh (Philip, the Queen’s husband)”!

(Give me the title “Lord” too!)

Lately they appeared on CNN. BBC news should broadcast it too!


Whew~ I’m picking up heat just by thinking about it ( ^o^;)#

I’m on Livemocha to learn Japanese at the moment,  haven’t been on it for a long time because I’m too busy at work.  For those who learning english on LM, did you take the new courses, starter~intermediate (1~6)? What do you think?

Livemocha is doing really well, I guess this would put pressure on language sites like which I liked. Really good starting place for learning Japanese characters from the start. Which is something Livemocha needs. Knowing how to stucture Japanese is very important!


Oh, I did quite a few drawings and doodles at work, need to improve more on drawing manga like characters. I feel like I improved a tiny bit from the last comic I did for my final year at uni which was last year :3

And, at home, on free times, I build my VF-25f (Macross Frontier) plane, two leg fuselage and arms are done. May need to do the decals and panel lining earlier than planned . . .


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