Past Month #1

Its been a busy month that I haven’t posted on my blog.

@ Beginning of August I picked up a temp job for 3 months at Pearson Education in authoring pages for Live Mocha. All is going well, I like the job. Hoping to get a perm job because that place is awesome. I love the atmosphere.

@ I’ve gamed with my brother and strangers… yeah, its taken a bite out of my time early August but it died down and people wonder where I am…

@ Neglected on Danny Choo’s sprites, oh dear. I got some, if not most of the sprite ideas down. Worked on the ones I could do first like the easy ones. Walking animations would take a while though…

@ Still waiting for my winning goody from GoodSmile Company x Max Factory. They’re keeping the participants anxious for the time being.

Looking into photography a bit more due to contest and new cameras. Photography looks so fun.

@ Joined Twitter, I twitted abit but I don’t have any good things to share ^^;

I have more to list but they’re pretty boring. I did some drawing at work. Never really drew with a ball point pen before. I should do more drawing, it’ll help me improve for sure. Reminds me of fellow artists such as and

Ja ne~


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