New Anime for this season

It seems like this season is starting out like a bang with many watchers liking what they are shown.


For me, I watched episode 1 of Shangri-La, Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and K-ON!

Two of which is done by Gonzo. I have to say, after the animations finished, they’ll release a DVD version with extra’s and more fan service. :)

Right, lets see what I can recall.

The world has a new system, Carbon credits, whoever has the highest carbon m. build up will have higher tax rates. Not just that, it seems that the people are heavily split into the rich and the poor.

It focuses in Japan, first episode shows a prison, and the day a girl is released, vowing not to be in there again, she makes her leave. This leaves to the whole show about the background of the world and the problems that it has.

The end is a cliff hanger which makes me wanting to see the next episode.

Animation quality is great, the detail and colour is pretty well bright and cheery for outdoors and indoors are gloomy and cold… >_>

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Following the Manga more closely, though the opening is different. I’ve seen the old series, I have to say, it felt new. Not only the characters felt new, the story felt new (for the first episode).

The animation quality upped from the previous, but still lacked the good quality here and there. Need to see more to make a better judgement.


hhmm, high school girls saves a music club that plays “Light Music”. They’re already good at what they play except for the new comer who the president of the club keeps in to save the club.
Yui (the new member), does’nt know how to play a guitar and from here on out, they’ll teach her.
Pretty much like Lucky Star, Clannad in animation quality.

I’ll think what this too. I missed out on BECK, I guess I could watch that too along with this. ^^;

Other news, Live Action Evangelion Drama. It was announced on April fools day. A lot did’nt believe it, but it turns out to be real. I still don’t know if its real or not.

Actors, actresses are already announced. Source here.


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