Reading Books

As I’m moving around in two places, I’ve went to visit Waterstone’s with my bro in search of his text books.

But I was drawn into the Manga section to see what collection they still had from last visits.
Besides Manga, my bro found Death Note: Another Note laying besides the manga shelf. A light novel on a nice decorated hard cover. Black with silver embossed illustration of a cross made of skulls. It had a white cover too, labeling the title of the book. Very Death Note like and I knew I had to get it.

Illustration of L and Misora, very nice.

Anyways, I loved the book, on my way for a second read through. But I was stopped by another book that I have seen laying on the floor by my brother. Dan Brown, the Da Vinci Code. Laid there before me, begging me to choose between him or the Harry Potter book. Well, since I read 2 other Dan Brown novels I picked up to read the back of the Da Vinci Code and noticed a very familiar name, “Robert Langdon”. Now I know that name somewhere before. ‘Ah yes’ as I though to myself, ‘from another book by Dan Brown called Angels & Demons’. That book had a interesting cover that made me buy it. The cover has an interesting type face…

Anyways, the battle was won by Da Vinci Code and I sat there 2 whole days reading it. Opening starts like Angels & Demons, and the book is like… Angels & Demons. Movie makers should of opted for Angels & Demons then the Da Vinci Code… but then again, movies are crappier then written books. ‘Power to the human imagination!!’

I haven’t yet finished Watership Down… Need to read that too…

People, read more books! they’re really good to feed your imaginations!

Awesome illustrations from Death Note. “L.B”, some kind of a hint?


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