Best blood test taken ever

Went to get my blood test taken as soon as possible when I had a one given to me.

As the title says, it was actually probably the longest ever haha…

I got there, pulled my ticket and then went in, the nurse gave me a small chat about some program on E4 about a night ago? something to do with Halloween I presume with zombies biting and changing others into their kind. Kinda like Big Brother she says?

After that, she said that my veins are small to actually carry out more blood than any other blood test I had before… needed 5 capsules x_X? (3 yellow capped, 1 purple capped and 1 blue capped).

First insertion was painful T_T
I drew out blood enough for one capsule but during the “taking”, blood started to find its way out in the open… It was definitely going wrong. A pool of blood sitting around the needle like a moat or a lake. Pulling out the needle was painful too >_<

Then, she called over a senior nurse who said to use a “butterfly”, “widget” etc. I got scared from there way of talking about grabbing more blood and stuff. So they ran a tube from my other arm, like a “drip” insertion and capped the end to those blood containers. ^^;

It too quite a bit of time as the blood was travelled up a small tube.

Here’s the end result of my arms…
You can slightly see some remaining blood stain on the right (my left arm) ->


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