Job Hunting

Still haven’t located a job yet.

Currently using to help look for a job. At the moment, I’m getting the high end jobs for web development. These jobs requires alot of knowledge in web building which I am in no shape to take on.

I need to change the profiles at Jobsite or it’ll just keep giving me more HTML, JAVA, C and all that coding job careers. I think I’ll got with something like design etc. (I thought I ticked ‘Design’ somewhere along with ‘Graduate’ lol?).

Minimum salary I’m looking at is £12k. But being in a design related or BA degree would probably be even lower…

I need to put my act together and hopefully find something else that can fund me of my living, video editing, artworker, newby illustrator, or even be a promoter to ‘pen spinning’ would be nice.

If anyone in the UK i.e filming a documentary of UK Pen Spinners, contact me or something, we’ll negotiate with Pentel, or pen company to Sponsor something…

.~*~. Shoppy .~*~.

Other than job hunting and neglecting what I wanted to do (comic, manga experiments) I went to the book store today and brought a light novel, off shoot from the manga ‘Death Note’, called ‘Another Note’. It is really good, from what I read so far. Its one of the detective stories which are now what you see as either “mystery”, “thriller” and “Crime”.

The shop clerk looked like he was thinking (“Death note… Another Note, erm…”) “…” *Looks at the group*. “I take you’re a student” he says. I almost gave a expression of deep thought, so I replied something quick, “Something like that…” (“Stupid stupid, I feel like a some kind of a’ twat”). Something like that, some straight answer that is…

Anyways, with that, I got a 10% descount for the book. A £1 cheaper, that is…

I wonder how long it was out… I feel so slow

( . _ .)/” – SG


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