Belgium Relatives – Part II

Sunday 27 July 2008

I woke up early in the morning 8~9am, watered the plants and had my morning drink and small food.

During the resting hour, only four tickets to London Eye was booked because, none of the older adults wanted to ride in the Wheel of pods. Four youths hit a ride at 4pm.

We left off from Harlow to Epping to get a ride into the heart of London where we will then eat at an restaurant that my uncle knows. Says that a friend works there, almost as if she owned it.

So, got there, crossed the river Thames via London Bridge to locate the restaurant, something Boulevard. We searched one end and then decided to phone a friend. We were far from being near the destination. We took a taxi to the restaurant which cost us £17 (rounded down).

The ride was hectic, I myself with my family sat in one taxi and relatives in another. I happened to enter last to face the back. While it took off, it was almost GTA style, cutting cars, taking the bus lane, more cutting and pass a red light. Made it to the destination in one piece, not in several pieces.

The restaurant was very nice and classy (Chinese restaurant, dragon decor and such). We were then greeted by uncle’s friend and got seated. She was happy that we made it to the restaurant, her restaurant. I only realised it when they said it and that we had many servings of food laid out on the table to no end. It could easily shoot up to £100. Luckily, she said said it was in the house, or that she treated us.

Time flew quick when I ate as much as possible so that I would not displease the owner. It was 3:10pm~ish and we head of to the nearest train station leaving the elders.

The station ticket booth was closed, the ticket machines said “out of order” and none other machines were in sight. In the end we risked a ride (Joy Ride) to Waterloo with £80 fine above our heads. We were’nt the only ones joy riding.

We made it to the London Eye and got into the reception at 3:50pm to get our 4pm tickets. We queued with the rest of the crowd, a huge crowd to stretched as long as a anime convention que in the early hours. We  stood till our legs hurt, stood up to hour and twenty minutes before we got near the pods on the wheel.

When we got in, I was getting abit nervous, from the previous post, I stated that I have a slight fear of heights. It just throws me off balance most of the time. Its a lot different on the plane, I like the view from above and the clouds high above the earth…

The ride in the London Eye was 15 mins, who ever said it was 30mins? It was an joying ride but the kids could of least tried not to run around too much. The capsule had a slight stink to it unlike the other capsules at the time. Capsule 23 さん, I’ll remember the time when I rode in you. I even brought a key chain, 2 straw cups from the London Eye store.

It was over, felt like it only went for 10mins. We grouped up with our elders who waited for us and headed into the Trafalgar Square to take some photos before heading to China Town to do a little shopping for tonight’s dinner. Sure it was boring, but we barely stayed in China Town because my brother took us to find Star Bucks which I thought he wanted hot drinks, in a HOT day! In fact, he ordered cold cappuccino. Not my type of cooling drink.

Everyone was tired, we met up in China Town to plan our journey home. We entered the nearest subway and took a train to switch onto the central line and headed back to Epping.

It was a long day, it was tiring at the end of the day. I sweated abit in the suns heat, much like being back in Hong Kong, well, I can’t say the weather being like Hong Kong in the summer because in the summer, Asia is alot hotter than the UK. Its over 35 degrees in Asia!

~ SG


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