Belgium Relatives – Part I

On the 26th July 2008 3 relatives from Belgium came over to the UK for a visit.

They stayed at a hotel that my mum works at, Green Man Hotel (got discount for the rooms). They came over to our place for a stay in the evening, chatted and talked about various things that goes on in the Chinese society or whatever. And we talked about what to do in London for sight seeing and such.

Headed out to lunch at the hotel. Got discount as well. (Headed home afterward).

Got back to search for areas to visit. London Eye, one of the main attractions in London besides the huge garden like place? Well, that was something my cousin wanted to ride on, so did I. I’m no big fan of heights so this is one of those things I’ll probably enjoy being thrown off my balance XD

They had to check in the Hotel at 3, 4 o’clock, so I tagged along just to get stopped by some drunk or deluded guy who explains that there is a bar… yada yada yada…

They stayed for dinner and left soon after. We had to communicate in Cantonese otherwise we won’t be able to understand each other if we spoke our country tongue, English v Deutch[?].

Since I’m low on Canto vocabulary I had to make do with what I have to communicate about certain subjects. I was learning how to mold different words together to form an meaning to get the idea across which was a pain in the bass.

When they were back at the hotel, I had to get a early night for tomorrows tour in London. Of course water the flowers and small batch of vegies, crops before I leave the house.

Part II for Londons outing


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