Poster Attack

I had to postpone the print today due to my tardiness of leaving in 2 major spelling mistakes or errors that I have failed to notice.

During today, I’ve notified my mistakes and it was fixed, reviewed and printed 2 different copies of the poster to be reviewed Sunday morning.

It uses quite a bit of ink so… I guess I’d be ready to pay up HAHA! Ok, so it then needs to be reviewed, I will be checking for the quality of the posters and then give the go ahead sign to get them printed for a exhibition held at my Uni.

:: London Meeting ::

Nearly over with University and new projects await for me soon. I can’t wait to meet up with the Pen Spinning crew from the UK and the famous CrAsH (Alex) who held the world tournaments. For the meet up I’m gonna be generous and hand out nice RSVP MX inserts! (Special labeled inserts).

wonder who reads my boring blog?

:: SIDE NOTE :: Oh, my portfolio site, I will probably update it during the next few weeks since I’d be free from most course works and such. This blog was suppose to show what sort of work I am doing haha, close enough right? (Of course, my portfolio is not very dynamic… I wish I could be better.. “oh well”).


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