First Press HEART STATION – 宇多田ヒカル

Got the CD today through a long box. CD Japan has not failed me once again!

Anyways, the album is great. Some songs I have already but thats all good (after all, its a album XD). First press you get a Poster. Yum.

The tracks as follows:
01 Fight The Blues
03 Beautiful World
04 Flavor Of Life -Ballad Version-
05 Stay Gold
06 Kiss & Cry
07 Gentle Beast Interlude
08 Celebrate
09 Prisoner Of Love
10 テイク 5
11 ぼくはくま
12 虹色バス
13 Flavor Of Life 「Bonus Track」

My favorite tracks in this album is:
01 Fight The Blues
03 Beautiful World
04 Flavor Of Life -Ballad Version-
05 Stay Gold
07 Gentle Beast Interlude
08 Celebrate
10 Take 5
11 Boku wa Kuma
12 Niji iro BASU

Thats like listing my existing songs I like from Hikaru haha…
New ones I hear are tracks 01, 02, 05, 07, 08, 10, 12.

テイク 5 has a sudden stop at the end that kinda saddens me D:
Then again, I get a strange feeling whenever that happens, I hope it does not end up being a sad feeling haha. Very unique.

Fight The Blues is a good track nice beats and great voice works, I think I’ll start that when I wake up in the mornings along with Beautiful World, 光, & テイク 5.

虹色バス is great, fast paced(not too fast but hey, I like it very much). The song stands out with テイク5.

HEART STATION is awsome, melody is good and low keyed? Her voice takes the role in this one. The effects are great, listing in my head phones, theres a part where she whispers and its like leaning on the right side as if she was there whispering XD.

Celebrate is great too, I love this track also. I though that she tried to go techy in the beginning haha! nice beats to the song.

Anyways, thats how I feel about her songs, I think you people who are a fan of her songs, should support her by buying her albums and singles! Unlike “aniki”, he went downloading it and asked my mate if he wanted it because he likes her songs, but, who buys the songs which I say…”GOOD MAN!”

OHOHOHoooh… The lyric booklet. AWESOME. Its printed on photo paper which is very shiny and glossy! it has photo shoots of 宇多田ヒカルさん and lyrics for the songs so that you can sing along or something. Only if you can read Japanese ;_; Knowing just some Hiragana and Katakana wont get you far… the Kanji will hit you to an end like テイク5.

The CD, behind the disc tray, she left a message!

I’ll post a picture of the poster too but I’ll have to like… use a cam instead of a scanner because I have no large scanner HAHA…
The poster is essentially the CD cover enlarged on a B2? size gloss print with the words say that the CD is out. A promotional poster. AWESOME ね。

Shame she didn’t include any Kuma-Chan photos in the booklet… ;_; oh Kuma-Chan… you miss out on the photo paper print!


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