Bootleg Rant

Its been a while since I had this conversation with someone, somebody.

Ever wondered where in the world has the most “Bootleg” items? I always thought it would be in the east, China, Hong Kong, Japan. But I guess it accurate enough? I mean, the east is pretty big right?

I barely see the government in China or neighboring countries try “giving the hardest” to tackle bootlegs. For example, Gundam merchandise, ‘Gunpla’, or Japanese figurines, TCGi cards… and alot more.

When I went to Hong Kong last summer (2007), I come across a store, it had many bootleg items, from Gunpla to other goodies or swim items… I know that the store has been standing for more than 3 years, Why? from 2007 back 3 years, I want to Hong Kong in the summer, and I came across that same store.

The question is, why didn’t the government ever do anything about it? larger organisations are losing profit, losing consumers and things carry on like this will crash. (Thats my bet).

I haven’t the clue why the people over there not actually do anything about it. If I was a resident there, I’d DO something. That old shop still standing because people still shop there, regardless of a bootleg. Faulty product could cause someone to die! (over the top? no, it can happen, let me tell you another story, a faulty heater, those standalone socket ones, someone buys a bootleg, uses it at night and it burns his/her house down… a family dies because of the bootleg item… what more can I say? What if its a bootleg smoke alarm? Hell in the west it wont happen but in the east it will).

Anyways, for people in the east, I hope they actually stand up and pull a finger out to try and stop bootleg items, its a large place with at least the most people in the world.

And, GOOGLE’s background is black.. (Recorded today 29 Saturday 2008).
Image comes shortly?

Why because UK is having a energy saving hour thing that pretty much no one will bother to sit in the dark.


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