I’ve played Sudoku these days on the newspapers, pretty addictive at first. I tried the ‘HARD’ difficulty Sudoku puzzles that they did which is less numbers to start you off and requires a bit more thinking power to get it done.

Okay, it sure does kill time but it gets tedius and your eyes gets tired trying to fill in boxes.

You happen to be learning Kanji numbers? Well, even though you are not, its a GREAT way to help you kick start in memorising Kanji numbers from 1-to-9 and 10 is easy to remember 「十」.

No fear, its the same way you play Sudoku but you input Kanji (Chinese/Japanese) numbers instead.
1 – 一
2 – 二
3 – 三
4 – 四
5 – 五
6 – 六
7 – 七
8 – 八
9 – 九
10 – 十

Once you memorised how to write it and you feel alot confident in writing out or read the numbers, next step is to learn how to pronounce the numbers in Japanese or Chinese (and remember them).

一 – Ichi 「いち」
二 – Ni 「に」
三 – San 「さん」
四 – Shi 「し」
五 – Go 「ご」
六 – Roku 「ろく」
七 – Nana 「なな」
八 – Hachi 「はち」
九 – Kyu 「きゅ」
十 – Jyu 「じゅ」
(I wrote this hoping that you already know some simple Japanese.) Example: ‘Go’ would sound like the beginning of ‘Gordon’. ‘Ha’ won’t be like “ha” but like “Har”… etc.

Anyways, besides making Sudoku a number learning thing, I’ve got Monster Hunter Freedom 2. Some dissapointment of the infrastructure online part… the case states that you can go online with 4 buddies and all it is, is a download feature. Capcom messed up big.


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