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Spent my evening drawing again, carried on from the day before (also evening). Decided to post before I sleep because I want to try and keep this blog alive. The image above is a low quality screen shot of my character. She still haven’t got a name yet, I’m thinking of a Japanesy name for her but I’m bad at making a name. I also thought of coming up with a totally made up name too… did’nt go to well.

Still got to CG her and hope I can make it good! The lines needs to be smoother at the upper torso, could redo them… I still got to ask my fellow artist’s where the bad points are so that I can redo it… I need critics!

I’ve been doing this character for a long time now and er… she has no name… (*crouch in the corner*).
Anyways, DannyChoo has gotten in touch with some Figure making companies and wow, one day he’ll get his Mirai-san a figurine treatment! Awsome! When he does get one done, I’m sure gonna buy one… only if its cheap haha!
(If I want to make a figure too…I’ve gotta work hard… but thats not where I’m heading at kekeke ^_^ ).

Oyasumi minna!


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  1. 1 lostkittenrae August 25, 2007 at 2:01 am

    Hey ^_^ well I can honestly say I’m not going to be able to give any bad critisism to help… I think this art work is beautiful! You’re chracter looks great, the background is gorgeous, the angle is creative… I just can’t find anything I don’t like about it… so I don’t know what to say… other then beautiful work! (p.s. sorry if for some reason I have two of the same comment, my computer is acting up >.< hehe)

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